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Unconventional Christian experiences for believers that are


Join us for one of our intimate experiences where you can encounter God, worship in spirit and truth, connect with others.



therapy & theology


A wellness initiative designed to support and aid the mental and emotional health of Believers at the intersection of therapy and faith.

tabernacle worship


A breakthrough worship experience for Christians of all ages focused on reprioritizing intentional worship and time with God.

r.i.s.e. conference


A social and spiritual gathering for Believers who want to grow in the application of their faith to become a changemaker in their sphere of influence.

Therapy and theology

Coming soon!

Therapy & Theology

In a world where faith meets the challenges of everyday life, there's a silent struggle that many Believers face: the stigma surrounding therapy. For some, religious beliefs and systems have made seeking the help they need difficult.



Our campaign aims to provide financial support for Believers who have never had the opportunity to experience therapy due to religious constraints. We believe faith and mental wellness can coexist harmoniously, and it's time to embrace the power of both.


By contributing to "Theology & Therapy," you can be part of a movement that empowers individuals to take a vital step toward self-discovery and healing free from judgment and fear.


Join us in our quest to break down the walls that have kept faith and therapy apart for too long. We can build a bridge to a brighter, more spiritually enriched future.

Coming soon!

Tabernacle Worship Night

During our worship night, look forward to worshipping with Christians of all ages and singing praises of God’s love, goodness, and faithfulness.



Inspired by the Old Testament, the name “Tabernacle,” for this event is focused on reprioritizing intentional worship to the forefront of our lives as it was for the children of Israel.

This event aims to create an atmosphere where we collectively offer the Lord the most coveted and idolized sacrifices of this world – our time, energy, body, voice, etc. to leave more filled than ever.


If you love singing to the Lord at the top of your lungs, jumping around, and worshipping at the feet of Jesus, this event is for you! Come worship God in spirit and in truth.

Tabernacl worship night
R.I.S.E. conference

Coming soon!

R.I.S.E. Conference

Based on our guiding scripture, Matthew 5:14-15, the conversations and teaching at this conference will focus on the four areas that Taking Up Space believes impact our boldness the most:

+ Relationship to God,
+ How We Define Our Identity
+ Our Strategy
+ Execution

Our desire is that after attending this experience, people will feel confident and encouraged to rise up and lead in their lives.


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