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Why join us?

Communities of grace and trust help us discover and define who we are and how we should live in trust, love, grace, humility, dignity, and justice. They open the door to gaining permission to share truth among fellow believers and  the unbelieving world. 
Dallas Willard, Kingdom Life

Our community will navigate the ebbs and flows of life with encouragement and truth. Discussing topics such as entrepreneurship, friendship, holiness, marriage, mental health, purpose, and more through the lens of Biblical wisdom will guide us in continuously identifying the connection between spiritual and practical.

Digital community for faith-forwar individuals who were created to stand out and impact the world with God’s truth



This is for the changemakers, atmosphere shifters, leaders, and shakers

Taking Up Space is more than a community. It’s a lifestyle, and we want to help you live it out. We champion for every Believer to take up their mantle and operate in authority to unravel their stories, increase their courage, grow their faith, and discover the innate ways they are called to shift the atmosphere and, therefore, change the world.

It’s time you be the flavor the world needs and shine your light into darkness.


the wise sower


For those who believe in the mission, vision, and values of the Taking Up Space Ministry and would like to sow a monthly seed while being kept up to date on development and impact.

the set apart


For those who want community on their walk with Christ. The Set Apart membership gives you immediate access to mentorship, exclusive resources, monthly hangouts, bonus content, early access, discounted pricing and more.

We help you thrive through highlighting…


...Getting to know God through His Word. We aim to learn His character, patterns, track record, expectations of us, and promises for us.

Hebrews 10:24-25


...Learning who He (and He alone) says we are. The more we know who God is, the more we know who we are and what we are entitled to. By learning His promises and truths about us, we can begin to build the confidence to take up space in our lives to recruit others to the Kingdom.

Ephesians 5:17


...Receiving directions from Him. Once we are comfortable with taking up our space, we can begin to strategize how we will encourage others to do the same. We believe receiving our unique strategy comes from being in our quiet place with the Lord.

1 John 3:18


...Taking divine action. After the Lord reveals our strategy, we get to work without delay. We pray for divine guidance, partnerships, and provision to bring His vision to life.

Ephesians 6:12


"Rosalyn and the energy she brings as a facilitator was everything. Not only did she make us feel welcome, she held space for us to just be. At the end of the session we were also provided journal prompts which was a nice touch."

"I felt so supported by Rozz. I love that she collaborated with me and made things feel familiar and safe. She was great at explaining the process, as she held such a beautiful space for me during the session itself. I really appreciate how she let me do some verbal processing afterward as well."

"Rosalyn has done an amazing job at making everyone have a safe space to talk about life and Jesus. I believe it's a gift!! It pushed me out of my comfort zone, too, in so many areas."


Where storytelling meets  mentorship


Creating Space is the podcast where we boldly share our stories and the wisdom that stems from them. A production of Taking Up Space, each episode is intentionally designed to support our community in living authentic, courageous, and faith-forward lives.

In each episode, our host, Rosalyn Davis, and our esteemed guests will take us on a journey that will provide us with practical tools no matter our current situation: navigating parenthood, self-improvement, entrepreneurship, marriage, health and wellness, or our relationship with God.

Through intimate conversations, live journaling sessions, scripture-based meditations, and Q&As, we will deep dive into topics we don’t get to in everyday conversation. We’re no longer waiting to be invited into a space to share what God has placed on our hearts — we’re creating our own.

How can we support you to take up space?

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